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Md4KS Analytics Pvt Ltd is a full-service employment agency specializing in meeting the staffing needs of companies in the Customer industry.

We diligently recruit, screen, and process employees for several local companies, and provide temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent employees based on customer needs.

We help our clients focus on their business by providing a turnkey staffing service. We handle all of the work associated with finding and screening candidates for your openings, and even handle payroll for temp and temp-to-hire employees.

Md4KS Analytics Pvt. Ltd.’s clients know that their positions will be filled with highly qualified employees, and that peace of mind allows them to focus on operations.

Searching the correct people for organization is our expertise of our staffing services.

Our Staffing Solutions includes

Temporary Staffing
Temporary staffing is a great solution for those companies who need a flexible workforce. If your operations are seasonal or you take on short-term projects on a regular basis, temporary staffing can allow you to operate at peak efficiency regardless of your workload. We maintain a deep roster of potential temporary employees who are pre-screened and ready to begin work on short notice. This allows you to scale your staff number up when you need it without having unnecessary personnel costs when things slow down.
Permanent Placement
When you have an opening in a position that’s mission-critical, it’s important that you find the right individual as quickly as possible. When you’re responsible for running your entire business, it can be difficult to find the right person, and a quick decision can lead to the wrong hire. Md4KS Analytics Pvt. Ltd.'s is always on the lookout for outstanding candidates for sales, administration, management, and technical fields. When you have an important opening to fill, we can immediately schedule interviews with candidates that we’ve personally screened and selected based on your requirements. This allows you to keep your company fully staffed so that you can focus on your business.
Many employers have spent dozens of hours screening, interviewing, and training a new employee, only to find that they’re not the right fit for the company once they’re hired. This can lead to problems throughout your company as lack of productivity and poor morale build. Md4KS Analytics Pvt. Ltd.’s temp-to-hire services allow you to avoid the hassle associated with finding and screening a candidate, and also gives you a probationary period so that you can be sure your new employee is the right fit for your team. During this probationary period, Md4KS Analytics Pvt. Ltd. handles payroll for you, so that you only have to complete internal onboarding processes when you’re sure you’ve found a perfect fit.
Temp-to-Hire Employees
Temp-to-hire employees are billed at temp rates during the probationary period, and are subject to permanent employee rates if a client chooses to retain them once the probationary period ends.
Permanent Employees
Permanent Employees are subject to a one-time fee equal to Permanent Rate of their expected annual wages.

Our Process for Finding You The Most Qualified Candidates

We have a proven staffing and hiring process which ensures that we get the best picks.

Managers know more than anyone else about what a particular position involves and what kinds of skills an employee needs to do the job effectively. They may be the one to request the creation of a new position.


Identifying Candidates

Our first step is identifying qualified professionals from several sources. The breadth and depth of our networks make our job-candidate matching process robust and dependable. We recruit employees from a wide variety of sources including job boards and other online networks, personal referrals, and professional networking.

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Shortlisting & Screening

After we identify a suitable number of candidates, we then shortlist them on the basis of experience, skills, and the fit of each of our potential candidates. The screening process could involve a face-to-face meeting and background check. oven staffing and hiring process which ensures that we get the best picks.

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Placement & Follow-Up

We are a staffing company which is different from others. Our process does not stop just because a candidate has been placed. We will continually monitor the performance of the employee to ensure that we are giving you the best quality service in the industry. Ever since inception, we have been highly regarded for our innovation and expertise in the staffing industry. Now we are one of the most reputed and technologically advanced staffing companies in the country. We understand that human resource challenges and requirements keep changing as marketplaces become increasingly global. It has always been our endeavour to keep pace with the latest developments in the human resources arena and provide the most suitable solutions.

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Meet All Your Business Objectives

We understand, define, and solve specific staffing needs, thus allowing small and large organisations the time and freedom to focus on their core business. With Alp as your consulting partner, you can easily meet your short-term and long-term business objectives. Once we thoroughly understand your staffing requirements, we will be able to provide you the right people with the right skill set, attitude, and commitment that will help propel your organisation toward success. We’re also especially proficient in quickly meeting the offshore requirements of clients who need highly skilled professionals to be deployed in different locations across the world in order to execute projects with tight deadlines. Take any successful business and you will find that it is powered by a strong workforce of committed and dedicated employees. Let us help you procure a winning team that will improve productivity, and increase revenues. Our strong presence, nationally and internationally, helps ensure that we can find the perfect resources you need in any market where you do business. Let us be your partner in success.

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Meet All Your
Business Objectives

We provide world-class software and web development services that focus on playing a supportive role to your business and its holistic growth.
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